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‘Eventyr’ is the Danish word for fairy tales. It also means adventure.


A mysterious moth, a cursed dentist, an ethereal painting, a psychotic neighbour, and an anguished tree. These are just some of the sources of dread and horror contained within.


The Eventyr take a dark turn in this collection, opening the box on human experiences we normally prefer to shun: fear, disgust, terror, and the uncanny. These stories ask: What if nothing is as it seems and life as we know it is only ever moments away from descending into chaos?


Following the success of 12 Unlikely Conversations, 12 Tales of Love Beyond the Grave, and 12 Tales of Unbreakable Friendship comes Andrew O’Connell’s fourth book of the Eventyr series: 12 Tales of Dread and Horror.


Enter a world where reality is not what it seems, where certainties unravel, violence reigns, and darkness prevails.

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Get all 4 books for $80

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Illustrations by Lika Kvirikashvili

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