Illustrations by Lika Kvirikashvili

2. The Beachcomber and the Homeless Man.
9. Two Red Robins.jpg

‘Eventyr’ is the Danish word for fairy tales. It also means adventure.


Following the success of 12 Unlikely Conversations, and 12 Tales of Love Beyond the Grave, comes Andrew O’Connell’s third book of the Eventyr series: 12 Tales of Unbreakable Friendship.


These beautiful stories hold onto something of a traditional fairy tale style, weaving together compelling narrative and whimsical curiosity, as all good fairy tales do.


A jilted marionette, an abrasive homeless man, a narcissistic sea captain, an ambitious office clerk, a doting father, and a runaway dog… These are just some of the characters who are destined to meet someone – or something – that will change their lives forever, for better or for worse.


Enter a world where encounters will create lasting friendships, leave indelible memories, cause permanent scars, or forge inescapable bonds.

RELEASE DATE -  October 2020


(Australia only)







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